The Top 5 Part 2’s (or can I be you’re silver medal)

Deadly Movies loves franchises. Those of us who love monsters, creatures, and bogey men just can’t help it; we’re a hungry bunch for whom lust, greed, and gluttony are not deadly sins but rather unquenchable desires for more. More kills, more ghouls, more masks, more more more. So here’s Deadly Movies Top 5 number two’s, and being Deadly Movies don’t expect to see Empire, The Dark Knight, or Spidey 2.

A painful number 2 in 'Friday the 13th Part 2' (1981)

5. The Invisible Man Returns (1940): Basically a retread of the first one, but this is no bad thing when your Invisible Man is now Vincent Price whose unique voice is at times extremely chilling. Then there’s the increasingly impressive special effects, especially when objects are being moved, used, rode, and thrown.

4. Son of Kong (1933): Made almost before Kong’s body hit the asphalt on 5th Avenue, this was one of the films I wanted to track down more than any other as a monster fan. Its saving grace is the return of the outstanding Robert Armstrong as one of film’s greatest man-explorers Carl Denham. That in itself is a good enough reason to watch this Part 2, and if anyone tells you different they can jog-on, right back to Skull Island. That aside, we get a baby Kong, some more dinosaurs, and another sombre ending.

3. Friday 13th Part 2 (1981): Easy, one word…, Jason. Two words…, Jason Voorhees. Three words…, Jason F**king Voorhees! Regarded by many as the best entry into the series, this not only gives us Jason as the killer (not a bad idea by someone, the identity of said genius is up for debate) but also provides some great (funny?) kills, including wheelchair guy heading off down the stairs. Friday 2 maintains links to the events of Friday 1, even if the timeline makes no sense at all.

2. Jaws 2 (1978): As far as I’m concerned, 1975’s Jaws is the greatest movie ever made. The sequel most certainly isn’t…, but it is solid. French director Jeannot Szwarc brings some good scares and some interesting new approaches to the shark’s POV including riding bare back, camera in hand, behind the famous wake-breaking fin. The late great Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss are noticeable by their absence; you really miss the chemistry that sizzled between the three men in the original. But if you can get past that you basically get a teenage slasher film here; replace Jason with shark.

1. Aliens (1986): So good on every level.., just so good. You don’t need me to justify this to you. Alien (1979) is in my personal top 10, a haunted house movie in space, and under normal circumstances a sequel would just retread the successes of it’s paterfamilias. But not under the stewarding of Jim Cameron, oh no. Aliens is a future war to end all war films. Awesome action, a great cast, shit loads of aliens, and of course the Alien Queen. Every minute of the film is enjoyable.

Like Silver Medals? Also see: Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Revenge of The Creature (1955), Psycho 2 (1983), Ghostbusters 2 (1989), Predator 2 (1990), Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004), The Devils Rejects (2005).

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