One Moon too far

‘Outland’ (1981)

Outland has so much going for it: A great concept (space sheriff sorts out a space mining colony), a great space sheriff (Sean Connery in space with a handle bar tach? Yes please), Jerry Goldsmith redoing his Alien score (give a toss…, that score works, this score works too), and loads of brilliant 80s sci-fi sets (you get it all, planet externals, miniatures, the corridors we all love, and some good future tech). But I could,t help but feel wanting at the end, and I know that will be sacrilege to many of the film’s hardcore fans. For me all of the ingredients are there for everything you want from a 70s / 80s gritty sci-fi film; the high concept, the star, the music, and the sets. But it has absolutely no sense of threat, no monster, no impending disaster, just some pissed off miners. But it’s not enough, its not at all a bad movie, but it comes with high praise which in retrospect it falls a little short.


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