Disco Dinosaurs

‘Planet of Dinosaurs’ (1978)

Stop motion dinosaurs and lycra disco pants, oh yes its Planet of Dinosaurs. For too long Dinosaurs had never laid eyes on fat 70s men with bushy taches and beer bellies, and in 1978 Director James K Shea put these wrongs to right. I love this film for two reasons:

  1. It marks the end of stop motion animation in creature features. OK it may not be the last ever time in was used (they almost used stop motion in Jurassic Park) but it is an example of a film nearing the 80s where creatures were loving crafted in stop motion. It’s worth taking into account that, way before this, stop motion had been dropped by most film companies in favour of the far less time consuming, but total crap, man in suit or puppet. While not on Harryhausen’s level these creatures are way better than a lot of their 70’s counterparts.
  2. It reminds you that there was a time when not all producers were big headed Hollywood types. Back in the day many producers were rich clergymen, oil barons, and/or local tycoons who simply wanted to have their name attached to a movie. and if you could make it in less than a week, for under $100,000, and could find a leading role for their eldest son then the money was yours. I mean how else could Disco Pimps Meet Dinosaurs, i mean Planet of Dinosaurs get made?

Plot goes out of the window as you laugh your ass off at these clowns in Disco gear battling awesome plasticine beasts. Good Job.


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